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Characteristics of Materials and Products of PE Sheet Production Line


High-density polyethylene plastic sheet, which is a kind of thermoplastic resin with high crystallinity and high p...

PE Boards Are Environmentally After Being Colored


The PE boards we see are all beige, white or bright, and there are few colorful PE boards. However, following ...

Difficulty in the production that you don't know


Because the molecular chain of high molecular polyethylene is entangled, the critical shear rate is low, the visc...

Is the polyethylene sheet a composite material


A composite material is a multi-phase material in which two or more substances of different properties are compos...

We Have More Materials In the Coal Bunker Lining


In our life, we use more coal bunker linings, coal bunker lining, one kind of wet pulverized coal is first bon...

How about the price of UPE wear plates we use in our lives


We often use our wear plates in daily industry. The wear plates have brought a lot of help to many industrial...

What is the value of ultra-high molecular polyethylene board


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liner not only retains the high impact strength of UHMWPE, low friction c...