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Difference between UHMW board and ordinary ones


The high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is a high molecular polymer. Its special mechanical properties are gr...

Analysis of Blockage Causes of Bulk Material Conveying Equipment in UPE Type Material Bucket


(1) The dip angle of the material wall of the silo is too small, and the size of the lower discharge port is...

Improve the aging resistance of UPE sheets


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets undergo aging, embrittlement, fading, cracking and even weathering in...

The meaning of the color of UHMWPE sheet


Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet available for color: common colors are white, blue, black, red, gre...

Advantages of UPE sheet chemical machinery


Modern science has developed to a very perfect level in time. Of course, we still have a lot of things to be...

UHMWPE Sheet Is Developing Rapidly


Why do we have the confidence to be so confident in our ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets, because...

UHMW-PE Board Is Extremely Practical


Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets are indispensable in all walks of life! This sentence is not an ...